Tuesday, 28 June 2011

Is Aquaponics Truly Sustainable?

This are the things that had always been in my mind. Is aquaponics truly sustainable and green? There are few critics towards aquaponics that yet has to be answered by us the aquaponics enthusiast:
  1. How could aquaponic be considered green provided it is powered by electricity. All of us know, our source of electricity power mostly comes from fossil burning that release carbon to the atmosphere. Thus makes aquaponics indirectly contribute to the release of unnecessary carbon compound into the atmosphere.
  2. Most materials used for the construction of aquaponics actually is not truly green and sustainable. We all know, the grow bed is made of plastic, metal or wood (which sacrificed valuable commodity of the environment), PVC pipe, synthetic glue. These products that we used to construct aquaponics produced in factory that releases those unnecessary gases to the environment.
  3. Some space required for aquaponic setup. It do consume the "fertile/non fertile" top soil. However being a person with green mind, we all do appreciate the value of the top soil, since we all know there are many ways to revive its usefulness and fertility. Since aquaponics located and covered the top soil with concrete, cement, tank or whatever, then how could it considered to be green, whereby the space used could be utilized to a greater value for the environment. Therefore, optimizing the usefulness of space also becomes an issue.
These are the things that we have to answer. It is not enough for us to justify how green and sustainable aquaponics are. The answer lies on our actions and creativity to make it truly sustainable. Aquaponics still has long way to go. However, I believe with our determination and effort to thinks and think, we definitely someday will find a way for aquaponics to make its way as a green and sustainable endeavor in food production.

I am really optimistic to see aquaponics will become one of the solution to the catastrophic environment that we faced today, "Food Shortage". I want to see my aquaponics set. Maybe I should ask my brother to email me 2 or 3 recent pictures of our aquaponics at our home.

"Peng tolong dulu ba kunun kasi email saya gambar latest aquaponic di rumah kalau ko balik nanti, hihi XD"

Sunday, 19 June 2011

Aquaponics- Lets Get Started

It has bee a long time ago I have dreamed to start my own aquaponics set. Finally, during the last semester break of my teaching course, I have stepped for the first time into this green endeavor.

I made the setup simple. Grow bed from plastic basin and sea shell obtained for free, PVC pipe, Mr. Affnan's Siphon Principle using recycled bottle, aquarium pump (though the flow rate insufficient creating problem in producing siphon effect), and lastly, our old dormant brick fish pond which has been brought back to life.

All of these things were incorporated and this is the result. Take a look and enjoy :)

There are Kangkong, Lemon Grass, Ulam Raja, Tomato, Sawi, Long Bean and Onion

Sawi, just come out


Long Bean


Water inlet

Water outlet

Fish pond

Overall view of the set