Thursday, 20 September 2012

Mini Indoor Aquaponics Update- 20 Sept 2012

This is my first update on my mini indoor aquaponics system. Only in 3 days, the ammonia level increased to 1.0 ppm / (1.0 mg/l), compared to 3 days ago ammonia level at 0.25 ppm. I don't know at what level does the ammonia level threat the fish, and how long it will take to get the nitrification bacteria to colonize the grow bed.

I have made some adjustment to the system, instead of continue to use the flood and drain system, I change it to constant flood system. With such small pump, plumbing system and inappropriate height, siphon surely don't work right. Thanks to Mr. William Aska Lim.

Ph 7.6

Ammonia 1.0ppm

Water outlet for constant flood system

Add first plant- Aloe Vera

Overall view

Monday, 17 September 2012

My Mini Aquaponics Set

Hai everyone, since my bigger aquaponics set left behind in Sabah. Therefore I made a new one here in Johor. This is just experimental indoor set. Because of large space is not available, I just make a mini set. I have gone through a lot of trouble in finding the material needed, and finally, this is the result.

Overall view

Grow bed

Fish tank/ container

Thursday, 13 September 2012

Reliable Aquaponics Siphon

Hello everyone. It has been for so long that my problem in aquaponics is the "siphon reliability". Since most of my previous aquaponics system powered by small aquarium pump, therefore the siphon effect most of the time failed.

Recently, I have wondering, how to make the siphon more reliable even if the flow rate of the pump is really small. This is what I manage to come out so far.

Feel free to comment. I really have no idea whether this thing could work.